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ABT Polydrain PolyDrain PDX

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PolyDrain PDX

ABT Polydrain PolyDrain PDX Commercial Trench DrainsPDX is the first and only versatile chemical resistant modular polymer concrete system. The PDX system allows the designer or customer to select a modular trench drain by trench width, depth, and slope as required, and not from a limited product selection.

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  1. Channels - Manufactured from UL / ULC certified polymeric materials, the channels feature a high precision tongue and groove joint for positive alignment and a superior configuration for sealant application. Visit for polymer concrete physical properties.
  2. Grate Options - A wide range of grate options exist for pedestrian to airport applications. Select grates with the right strength, style, and corrosion resistance for the application.
  3. Frame Options - Steel, stainless steel, painted steel, galvanized steel, or FRP styles are available. Select the best rail material for your application. All rails are independently anchored into the surrounding concrete so that the encapsulation concrete receives the horizontal loads, not the channel walls.
  4. Variable Grate Retention Systems - For applications with substantial horizontal loads, pin locks are available and recommended. Toggle locks can be used when longitudinal loads are low. No grate lock is an option where horizontal loads and grate retention are not a consideration. ABT can assist you in making a suitable selection.
  5. Ease of Installation - The system can be installed using the suspension method, installation device, or no-float legs as the application requires.
  6. Eliminates Sub-Slab Barrier Penetration - Geo-membrane penetrations during trench drain installation and monolithic pours are eliminated using no-float legs and anchor slab.

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