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ACO Drainline 150

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Drainline 150

ACO Drainline 150 Residential Trench DrainsDrainLine 150 is a durable polymer concrete trench drain system for use around residential, office, and other light duty areas. It is a practical system for draining large amounts of water.

Polymer concrete is a versatile composite material produced by mixing mineral aggregate with a resin binding agent. Polymer concrete outperforms HDPE in its compressive strength, ability to withstand freeze-thaw cycles and adverse weather conditions, ensuring a longer service life.

The system offers a number of layout and outlet options, including half meter channels and in-line catch basin.

Typical Applications

  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Walkways
  • Cart paths
  • Light traffic parking areas

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  1. Polymer concrete body with galvanized steel grates
  2. Concrete keys to hold securely in the ground
  3. Grates sit over channel wall - protects polymer concrete from impact damage
  4. Outlet via bottom outlet, end cap or catch basin

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