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Polylok PolyLok Round Drainage Box

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PolyLok Round Drainage Box

Polylok PolyLok Round Drainage Box Catch BasinsThe Polylok Drainage Boxes is the most versatile box on the market today. You can choose what height drainage boxes you want your inlets and outlets to be. It also comes complete with the only seal of drainage boxes in the market that accepts 2'', 3'',4'' and corrugated pipe. No more different fittings to inventory! U.S. Patent No# 6,666,349 & 6,817,631

Tech Specs


  1. Use as Rain Drain, D-Box, or Drop Box; allows for all configurations
  2. Use as a rain drain for gutters, driveways & sub surface drainage
  3. Use as a distribution box or drop box for onsite septic systems
  4. Use with the 12'' riser to bring cover or grate to grade as needed
  5. Accepts 2'', 3'', 4'' and corrugated pipe
  6. Use with solid cover or grate, your choice, no additional cost
  7. Four stabilizing feet with every box

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