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Hydrotec Hydrotec Top Trench Drain

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Hydrotec Top Trench Drain

Hydrotec Hydrotec Top Trench Drain Commercial Trench DrainsThe TOP trench drain line is a modular system for pedestrian areas, parking lots, general commercial areas and sport fields. These 4" wide trench drains are available in 39.37" (1000mm) and 19.69" (500mm) long, flat or pre-sloped and they are easily joined together by connecting male and female profiles.

Typical applications

  • Sport Facilities and Stadiums
  • Cycle paths and footpaths
  • School yards
  • Car parks

Hydrotec Top Trench Drain Specs


  1. Screwless, patented locking system that reduces installation time
  2. Reduces time of installation
  3. Available flat and presloped
  4. Galvanized Steel Slot ADA
  5. Galvanized Steel Mesh
  6. Ductile Iron
  7. Load Class A & C
  8. High Water Absorption
  9. Fiber-reinforced concrete C35 / 45 channel
  10. Galvanized Steel edge rail
  11. Precast outlet at the base of the channel to connect 4" and 6" pipes

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