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Hydrotec Hydrotec Mini Trench Drain

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Hydrotec Mini Trench Drain

Hydrotec Hydrotec Mini Trench Drain Commercial Trench DrainsThe MINI trench drain line is a simple modular system for uncomplicated D.I.Y. installation. These 4" wide flat trench drains are available in 39.37" (1 meter) and 19.69" (0.5 meters) long and they are easily joined together by connecting male and female profiles. Each channel section has a precast vertical outlet for 4" pipes. Available with galvanized steel slot ADA and galvanized steel mesh grates that provide a neat transition from the trench drain to the adjoining road surface.

Apart from use in private and leisure areas, the MINI trench drain is also suitable for sports fields, pedestrian areas, courtyards and car parks. The grates are held firmly in the channels, avoiding jamming between the adjoining surfaces. The use of natural building materials guarantees environmental friendliness.

Typical applications

  • Sports Fields
  • Shopping Malls
  • Pedestrian Areas
  • Domestic Driveways

Hydrotec Mini Trench Drain Specs


  1. Fiber- Reinforce Concrete C35/45
  2. Male and female channel profiles for easy fitting
  3. Galvanized Steel Grates
  4. Available in SLOT and MESH Designs
  5. Load Classes A and B
  6. Easy to Install
  7. Practical system for easy D.I.Y. installation
  8. Precast vertical outlet to connect 4" pipes in each section
  9. Edge rail incorporated in the grate

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