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Hydrotec Hydroblock Trench Drains

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Hydroblock Trench Drains

Hydrotec Hydroblock Trench Drains Commercial Trench DrainsThe HYDROblock system is a type "I" channel type in line with EN1433 standard and thus does not require additional concrete encasement. It simply requires a load-bearing foundation with installation shoring. This reduces the installation time considerably and means that the channel can be fully loaded immediately after installation.

The one piece design guarantees rattle-free operations and longlasting traffic safety, especially in traffic areas with extreme loads, such as container terminals, truck loading zones and airports.

Typical applications

  • Airports
  • Race Circuits
  • Industrial areas with heavy traffic load
  • Container Terminals
  • Areas that require long term traffic safety

Hydrotec Maxi Trench Drain Specs


  1. Minimal planning and installation required
  2. Low maintenance
  3. Theft and vandalism protection
  4. Best of class frost and de-icing salt resilience
  5. One piece design made of ductile iron
  6. Up to 50% greater run-in diameter compared with similar systems
  7. 4", 8", & 12" options

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