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ABT Polydrain Trenchformer

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ABT Polydrain Trenchformer Commercial Trench DrainsTrench Former is the pre-engineered concrete forming system which allows the designer or customer to select the trench width, depth, shape and slope as the hydraulic capacity or cross-sectional area requires, and not from a limited product selection. It also creates a sound base for trench coating if concrete’s chemical resistance is insufficient.

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  1. Formers - Manufactured from expanded polystyrene (EPS), the light-weight and environmentally sound disposable formers create a high precision monolithic trench. Shape may be either square or radius bottom, whichever shape is best for the application. A full range of outlet options exist.
  2. Grate Options - A wide range of grate and cover options exist for pedestrian to airport applications. Select the right strength, style, and corrosion resistance for the application. For applications with substantial horizontal loads, pin locks are available and recommended. Toggle locks can be used when horizontal loads are low. No grate locks are common in applications where the weight of the grates are adequate retention for the applications. ABT can assist you in making a suitable selection.
  3. Frame Options - Stainless steel, painted steel, galvanized steel, and FRP styles are available. Select the best rail material for your application. Rail size is determined by trench width and the specified traffic loads. All rails are independently anchored into the surrounding concrete for maximum service life.
  4. Ease of Installation - The system is nstalled by the suspension method using no-float legs. Installing the system does not require heavy equipment, expensive highly-skilled labor, keyways, or water stops saving 33% or more. Installed per instructions, the system will not float. Contact ABT for alternative methods. Eliminates Sub-Slab Barrier
  5. Penetration - Geo-membrane penetrations during trench drain installation and monolithic pours are eliminated using nofloat legs and anchor slab.

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