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Slot drains are often confused with trench drains but have specific features that define them. A slot drain contains a drainage pipe with a narrow neck that opens at the surface level. The narrow neck is sufficient to drain storm water and widens quickly below to allow proper flow of water through the slot drain. There is no grate on top of a slot drain, instead it utilizes a "slot" to drain rather than the openings in a grate.

Slot drains are a growing product in the water drainage industry. Often a trench drain will have an accessory added to it so that it can function similarly to a slot drain. However, a more ideal and precise solution would be to use a slot drain to function as a slot drain.

Due to the increase in accessories such as grate pieces and catch basins - a trench drain becomes a more cumbersome installation with often a higher cost associated with parts and labor than a slot drain would require. Considering a project budget is always a key factor - you may want to consider a slot drain rather than a trench drain for your next project.


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